Fight the Lion - When the Mighty Fall
"Fight the Lion's sound is cut for radio. Their grinding guitar licks, and dark minor-driven verses that swing into soaring choruses bring to mind the likes of Chevelle, Tool, Hoobastank, and other bands you might hear when flipping your dial to DC101 (or the late great HFS). The album leaves little doubt that lead singer Jake Mimikos and his crew are talented, and the production of this disc is far beyond what one would expect from a band at such an early stage in their career. The title track "When the Mighty Fall" is a notable piece in the project, evoking an early-nineties rock sound reminiscent of Soundgarden, and "A New Hope" drips with the syncopated guitar riffs connoisseurs of this genre drool over. But, while tracks like "Fire It Up" and "Empty Space" vary the tone of the album slightly, the thirteen-song debut is a long one for a band that has yet to develop a strong following, and some of the tunes could have been left off the final cut in the name of variety. For fans of the modern rock genre, this band is absolutely for you, buy the album, I promise you will love it. For the rest, Fight the Lion lacks the "so what?" factor that many successful new groups are bringing to the table, and in order to stay afloat, they will need to find it." -DM - OnTap Magazine DM
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