New music and planning a video

Fight the Lion has been hard at work on new music during the last couple of weeks.  Look for some killer new tunes on June 11th at our upcoming Jammin Java show. A little secret about Jammin Java - after the show, the bands often head over to Amphora.  Open 24 hours and a menu that includes basically every kind of food ever.  It's just a few blocks from the club, and they don't seem to mind our ... condition ... after a night of rocking out.

We're playing at Union Square Best Buy tomorrow.  I think this will be our fourth trip to play Live @ Best Buy, and our first time at Union Square.  I hope the sound guys in Union Square are cool like Greg at the Chelsea BB.

Last weekend we all met with a video production company and discussed ideas for our first music video.  Super cool guys and the ideas are pretty involved.  We put up a poll on our facebook page so that you can help us decide which song to use first.  Look for more updates as the summer progresses.

That's it for now.  Find us on facebook!

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